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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 18, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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answering your questions and you can throw in one you know about. go to [sirens] >> jamie: a fox news alert. the violence is intensifying in the middle-east. israel and hamas may be inching closer to an all-out war. there are thousands of troops near the gaza border, awaiting a possible ground invasion. the story's developing at this hour. good morning. >> eric: welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters on this sunday morning. israel now threatens to expand its offensive, dozens of rockets continuing to rain down on the state. this is 75,000 reservists have been called up. meanwhile, reports say a senior
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israeli official has arrived in cairo for talks on possibly securing a truce, if that's possible at all with hamas. we go live along the gaza/israeli border with the latest for you. >> reporter: this country is on the brink of war. there is no question about t. we move locations since we talked an hour ago to a safer ground here. >> as we moved, we saw israeli troops pounding in rubber mats over parts of the highway here so they can drive tanks over them and maneuver in this area around the gaza border. it has been a very bloody day in the air war, the israeli airstrikes in gaza continue with huge bright-orange glows from the strip behind us, at least a dozen, if not more palestinians have been killed, including a number of civilians and children just today alone, bringing the death toll to more than 50 here in israel. the rockets flying out of the gaza strip that injured at least a dozen people.
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looming the gaza border, the israeli army has armored personnel and tank platoons laid out all over the place. the palestinians are not waste anything time to try to take pot shots in the mortars. from our position here, we only have 7 seconds from when we hear the warning sirens to get down on the ground before the mortars hit. in just a couple of hours, we have had two mortars hit there and one mortar hit 20 yards behind us. we heard the impact of this rocket. you can see the firefighters still hosing down the car and air raid sirens went off at 8:00 in the morning, you can imagine for the people in this house and this neighborhood, having breakfast on a quiet sunday morning, we are thinking as they heard the sirens and then heard the explosions. at least right now, we are told that no one on this street was hurt but that's probably because they took cover so quickly. this hoes you the power of these rockets, through the roof of this apartment building, through
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this next floor with the steel reinforced ceiling, all the way down here to where it went down another floor inside apartment, almost everything is a total loss, covered with explosive material and a lot of it is destroyed. the only good news is that the family photographs are saved and the clock is still ticking. >> >> reporter: now the israelis say they will move on, just like the clock does. but every israeli citizen is a mandatory draft here. many of the people we see driving around, the reservists are in their personal car, driving to their platoons and stopping at the local gas station on the way to pick up supplies, oreo cookies and those kinds of things to eat as they head off to battle. there has been talk of a possible cease-fire in egypt. the prime minister of israel issued a statement today, saying israel was ready to escalate this operation, significantly, meaningesquively, there are 24 hours left for a cease-fire to
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be negotiated or we have tanks rolling across the hills and into the gaza strip. >> eric: just an astounding graphic demitration. you mentioned the peace talks, and an unidentified israeli official has ark rifed in cairo to talk with the egyptians. any sense that the clock is ticking, 24 hours, if a truce can be obtained before the tanks go rolling over the border. >> reporter: i did check with a source inside egypt who confirmed that israeli being on the ground. that's significant. israelis don't tend anyone to the peace talks unless they happening there is a chance of a real cease-fire. you have the egyptians brokering, you have the turkish prime minister and his representatives and people from qatar, who have given hamas a lot of money, you have leaders of hamas inside the gaza strip, firing the rockets out. they are all around a table.
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they are trying to reach an agreement. the israelis have said so long as the rockets stop for a language time -- not a week or two, we are happy to end this today. the israelis don't want a ground war. but this has been going on for months, rockets flying out and terrorizing a million neme southern israel. you saw what they went through as we experienced today with the air raid sirens and the israeli government had enough. they say, we want it stopped now, or we are coming in on the ground. >> eric: it appears we are on the brink. as always, at the boarder. >> jamie: as leyland reports from the border, israel saying it is not going to take t. how do they handle the growing violence in an all-out war? what do they do? dan gillerman is a former ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, how are you doing? you are in tel aviv. this is where the rockets are headed.
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>> well, thank you, jamie. i was actually hoping to be in the studio with you today. i was planning to leave for new york last night, but i decided to do here because of the situation. we are doing fine. israel is very resilient. tel aviv people are taking this -- not in stride -- obviously it's a very, very stressful situation, but we are okay. thank you. we will prevail. >> jamie: we are thinking of everyone there. but thation is escalating escald it's continuing and israel seemed primed to do whatever it needs to do. what do you think it will end up doing? >> well, israel will have to finish the job. we did not start this happily, we were not trigger happy. we showed a lot of patience and a lot of caution. but at the end, the prime minister of israel decided that enough is enough.
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we could no longer stand the situation where millions of israelis, including children and babies are under the constant threat of fire. you just showed your reporter reporting about two incidents and two rockets that fell very near -- and this is just in the last few hours. imagine being a child, waking up every day to a siren and to rockets falling, sleeping in air-raid shelters, not being able to go to school. children all over the world and america would be waking up to jingle bells soon. we don't want our children to get used to the sound of sirens. we want them to hear tunes and wake up to a peaceful reality. so we started this in order to finish it. and we will not stop until we do it. finishing it means making sure that this evil terror organization, hamas, which is nothing but the bloody proxy of iran, stops and stops having the
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ability to threaten israel and to fire rockets into israeli schools and kindergartens and cities and villams. until that happens, we will not stop. and if it takes ground troops, we will send them in in order to finish the job. >> jamie: i think you stated it so clearly because the first thing that you think about are the children who have never heard these sirens, in of them, before. such a frightening situation, we can't necessarily relate to it, but we are considering it this time. iran eye wanted to ask you whether or not you thought they might be behind these actions and what will israel do where iran is concernd? do you feel supported pie the united states right now? >> well, i have no doubt that iran is behind this. they are the financier, generator of terror around the world. i am sure -- and we upon that the hamas leadership is in constant touch with the
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iranians. and actually, the people in gaza are getting their orders from tehran. i believe this is another reason to put an end to it because if hamas gets beaten, it will be a very big blow to the irappians. and make no mistake, i mean, we are not -- we are not fighting, just think of who we are fighting. this is not the sampation army. this is a band of terrorists and murderers and nobody, nobody has much sympathy for them. believe me, i saw the foreign ministers meeting yesterday in cairo. i met many of them. i know them. vispoken to them. i remember them during the last operation, coming to me and saying, go, finish the job, don't stop. they have no love lost for them. but at the moment, we do feel that we have the understanding and the support of the world. we have the support of the president of the united states, who i think has made some very, very positive statements and very constructive statements. we also have turkey, qatar and
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egypt, who are eager to finish this. and in fact, when you mention iran, this coalition of turkey, qatar and egypt, which could -- through this, regain its influence and leadership in the aircrafts rab and muslim world and sideline iran -- should prevail. we have the president of the united states with a big stake in this and could show leadership and get his reward. and at the same time, the president of egypt, the prime minister of turkey and the amir of qatar, all of these people are eager to get a settlement and israel is ready for one and will accept one, but under one condition, that this ugly, poisonous snake is never again able to raise its ugly head and hurt and destroy israeli lives. >> jamie: as is happening at this moment. ambass do, thank you. we wish you safety. thank you for taking time to bring us your perspect 45 tel aviv. well, the americans and the role
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that's we should be playing in this conflict, as it moved forward. how big a role should that be? what about the support from our allies around the world? can we bring them in? former ambassador to israel, ned walker will come in to talk about the u.s. response. >> eric: meanwhile, back here at home, the clock is ticking to hammer out an agreement to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. you know, those tax hikes and deep spending cuts that automatically are supposed to go into effect by the end of the year, unless, of course, congress acts. what will happen? peter doocy with the latest latm washington. >> reporter: good morning, eric. the general tone among lawmakers suggesting that compromise may be on the horizon. it started on friday and continued this morning. >> we are grownups. we talk about maturity and age. we are grownups, i have a responsibility to the american people. the elements for an agreement
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are there. time is of the essence. the quicker we do it, the more confidence we instill, the better it is for the economy and for the american people. >> reporter: leader pelosi said she would not accept a deal that does not include tax rate increases for the wealthiest americans and described a road map she would like to chart out by first deciding how much the deficit should be reduced reducd setting a december deadline by which a deal needs to be done, ahead of the end of the month. the republicans have agreed to include new revenue, but they are not likely to sign up for the 1.6 trillion dollars in new taxes over a decade that president obama reportedly came to the table with. here's why. >> well, there is room for negotiation on a real solution and a real solution includes both revenue increases and spending reductions. but the reason we have concern about what the president has
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talked about and my friends on the other side of the aisle has talked about is that it doesn't solve the problem. if we take the president's deal that he has brought to the table, you know how many days that pays for the federal government? not -- 8 days. not 8 months, not 8 weeks, 8 days! >> reporter: the fund-raisener iowa, republican senator marco rubio talked about the fiscal cliff and he made clear that congress created the cliff. he said that goes to show how dysfunctional the process of legislating in this country is. >> eric: dysfunctional. we hope it won't be. all right, peter. thanks. the battle over the tax hikes as peter reported, one of the biggest hurdles, facing lawmakers am we have a former political director under george w. bush and a democratic pollster. margey and matt, welcome. matt, we heard nancy pelosi say it -- tax hikes.
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nonnegotiable. can this solve this? >> she says they are all adults and she automatically puts demands on the table. i thought the whole reason we were going to come together is that everyone was going to say, everything is on the table. in the nancy pelosi blood thirst to raise taxes on wealthy people -- doll two things. tell cause this economy to shed 700,000ions and cause our gdp, economic growth to decrease 1.5%. president obama own this is economy. if they are hell bent on raising tax rates, they are going to make the economy weaker and run into the next election in 2 years and really take a bath, if it looks like they didn't have the economy and improving the economy front and center on their agenda. >> eric: what about it, margie, with nancy pelosi's blood thirst and the obama administration's raiding the taxes on the wealthiest? >> when you look at electorate,
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half of the electorate wants to see tax increases for the wealthiest americans and another 15% want to see everybody taxed. have you a clear majority of americans that in exit polls in the election we just had, one of the key issues was tax policy, support with nancy pelosi and what the president has said, what some republicans are saying, let's have a balanced approach. let's ask the wealthy to pay a little bit more. we have had a huge increase in income inequality. the bush tax cuts are a large part of the current budget problems. you have the wealthiest are paying lower -- less taxes than they have in decades? >> what about the impact on the economy that matt indicated. >> the impact on the economy if we do not have a resolution to our fiscal crisis is going to be really severe. i would point out that for everybody, there is a real incentive to come to the table. the americans, majority of americans are nervous,
11:16 am
washington post poll shows a majority says there won't be an agreement and that it will be the republicans to blame if there isn't an agreement. so i think everybody should come to the table with ideas that american people support, rather than use them as hot language, like blood thirst that does not comport with what the voters have said and what they said on election day-- do you agree that the majority would blame republicans? >> i am not trying to offend american, i will tell that you much. i don't think that's true, eric. i think that president obama -- presidents, whether we like it or not, they get the blame for a bad economy. president obama would have won re-election with a higher percentage if he had cut a deal earlier. but he decided not to do that, he decided to blame the republicans. look, he didn't win everything in this election. john boehner is the speaker of the house. barack obama got less vote than he got the last time. there hasn't been a president elected with a weaker mandate
11:17 am
than woodrow wilson. he is the one who needs to hammer out a deal. speaker bainerer is a reasonable man. he is the right guy to strike a deal with. but don't start with nancy pelosi making demands for raising tax rates. let's work through all the issues. i agree, what's at stake is dramatic, it's the economy of the american people. >> eric: quickly, do you think we will have a deal by the end of year? >> i am getting more dubious. but i hope so. >> eric: margie, how about you? >> viheard some republicans sound like they want to come to the table. not everyone. not matt, with all due respect. but i do think that we -- i feel more optimistic when i am watching the postr post poll. >> eric: we have $16 trillion in debt. it's just only getting bigger. thargs for joining us. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: the fiscal cliff. how does it affect you, your
11:18 am
kid, your family and college tuition rates? a lot. we are going to tell what you you need to know and how you can protect yourself. that's next in the take-charge consumer protection segment. >> eric: violence continues to escalate between israel and homas. 24 hours to go. what is the role of the united states of america? the president has been speaking out, saying he backs israel. it has the right to defend itself. we will ask the former u.s. ambassador to israel, ned walker, coming up. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc
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>> jamie: welcomes back. if lawmakers fail to reach a deal to stop the u.s. economy from going over the fiscal cliff, it could lead to significantly higher college costs for many families. we will tell you why and what to do about it in today's take-charge consumer protection segment. we wanted to look at how your family can protect itself. joining us, the president of diversified consultants, dominic, thank you for coming in. first of all, let's start with what the fiscal cliff has to do with college tuition and parents and kids trying to pay it. >> we were sitting here a year ago and congress and the president couldn't agree how to
11:23 am
solve the major issues in this country. so they created a fiscal nuclear bomb. they literally stuffed everything that was important to us, the citizens, important to them -- things like funding for college, things like education, things like social security -- they stuffed it into a big nuclear bomb and said it's going on blow up on december 31, unless we do something, this is where we are today, being forced to address the issue. >> i am thinking about when we were in elementary school and they would make us protect ourselves, if it happened. but for families, that's exactly what could happen, so many have been affected by storms and other things. first, let's start with the tax credits. the college tax credits. could those go away? >> they are scheduled to expire december 31. unless congress comes back and the president signs it, to deal with the pel gants, work study, we could see some very significant cuts in this area,
11:24 am
upwards of 8% of cuts in benefits. >> jamie: could go away. off the cuff here -- i hadn't thought about this before, should you pro pay next yearee college tuition now, maybe to have that as a deduction this year? >> that's a great -- that's a great point. i think they are going to do something with this. this is too important to the president. certainly politically, it's dynamite for congress. i do believe they are going to address t. also the higher education act doesn't expire until next year. so there is an opportunity -- even if we went over the cliff, to come back and fund the issues. but we really do need to think about it and plan for. >> jamie: what should parents do? for younger couples say they get a roth -- >> jamie: ra? >> i would recommend a college 529 plan. these are college or higher education accounts. they grow tax deferred, if you use it for higher education that, could be a culinary school or a trade school, that money
11:25 am
comes out tax free. grandparents, this is a great opportunity to fund these accounts for your grandchildren. get the money out of taxable estate. so planning, really a priority here. >> jamie: how much you can put in a year if you are a grandparent. >> gifting $13,000 per person per year. grandparent, it's $26,000. there are higher limits with a lump sum. if you are trying to get assets out of a taxable estate. this fiscal cliff includes substantially higher estate taxes. there is an opportunity to do gifting into a grandchild's account. you retain control until they go to clmg or higher education, wonderful planning tool. >> jamie: higher estate taxes on money that has been taxed. >> higher estate. 55%. now, here's the ping-pong effect. they told us it is going to go away and come back and go away.
11:26 am
we are supposed to be planning for this for the next 10, 25, 30 years. >> jamie: the advice, talk to your financial counselor, find one if you need one, -- >> be proactive. >> jamie: maybe grandparents get involved. >> absolutely. >> jamie thank you. the colleges could raise their tuition as a result of this. so for more on how to take charge of a number ever consumer issues, go to, click on the america's news headquarters page, it's at the bottom of our main page and you will see many take-charge consumer protection segments. you can only see them here. >> eric: great advice, as always. key senators pressing hard to get the answers and questioning the handles of the terorsist attack at benghazi. we will have the latest from an exclusive fox news interview. a pair of police helicopters colliding. pictures of the aftermath. we will have that story, straight ahead.
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>> jamie: quick check of your headlines now. new details on a suspect that is accused of plotting to shoot up a screening of the popular vampire movie "twilight. " police say he had been arrested once before for threatening a clerk at a wal-mart store. two police hel costers collide over los angeles, leaving five officers and one civilian with only minor injuries. it happened when the on rotator blades of one of the helicopters struck the other in takeoff. dives over the coast of louisiana, dorphing the body of a worker after an oil explosion there. four are recovering in the hospital and another man is still missing. >> eric: new call fist for the united nations ambassador susan rice to testify at the hearings on the attack in benghazi,
11:32 am
libya. she went on five sunday programs to insist the attack was a spontaneous reaction to that anti-muslim video. while we now know that was not the case. supporters say she was appropriately reporting the information from the intelligence community. but critics have accused her and the administration from intepgzally ignoring the terrorist apingle for the political purposes in the heat of the presidential campaign we have the latest live from washington. good morning, doug. >> reporter: very deserve narrative is eamericanning from congressional respects and the white house in the aftermath of the testimony of former cia director general petraeus and the testimony of virtually every leader of the intelligence communities. a republican senator from georgia said this morning on "fox news sunday" is typical of what we are hearing. >> the hearing we had on thursday and friday, we had every leader of the intelligence community there, including folks
11:33 am
from the state department, the fbi -- everybody there was asked, do you know who made these changes? and nobody knew. the only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there was the white house. >> reporter: democratic senator dianne feinstein said on "meet the press" anybody that brings weapons and mortars and rpgs is a terroranist my view, i mean, that's pretty clear. unquote. republicans maintain that miles per hour between the issuance of the cia talking points and susan rice's appearance on the sunday talk show, the wording of the talking points was changed to eliminate any reference to any specific terrorist group or terrorrive attack. bow friday, deputy national security advisers ben rose, told reporter, quoting now-- the only edit that was made by the white house and by the state department was to change the word consulate to the word diplomatic facility. bottom line, someone is being
11:34 am
very, very loose with the facts there. hillary clinton has agreed to testify. former director petraeus may again testify in open session. what if you date has yet to be determined. >> eric: all right, doug. more hearings, it seems, to come. thanks. >> jamie: back to our top story, israeli forces are building up on the nation's southern border, awaiting potential orders to root out the hamas militants that are firing rockets out of gaza into israel. what role should the u.s. play? ned walker, former ambassador to israel and also to egypt is here. sir, good morning. >> how are you doing, jamie? >> jamie: good, ambassador. as you watch this unfold from our shores, what do you think we need to do? are we doing enough? >> well, we have to do exactly what the president did, make everybody well aware in the arab world that we are going to stand with israel on this issue.
11:35 am
we wouldn't put up for a nanosecond, the kind of things that the israelis are being forced to put up with. we can't blame them for whatever they have to do to protect their citizens. >> jamie: can they? >> they can protect their citizens. obviously, prime minister does not want to go in on the ground. had cost them 13 lives the last time they did that. they would much prefer to find a solution. right now, there are discussions going on with the egyptians and the gunneries and others to try to find a slew, a way out of this thing, so both sides can walk away from the breech. but the israelis have every right to protect themselves. >> jamie: as a former ambassador to egypt, what do you think the state of egypt is? are they there for the united states and israel? >> well, they are there, renal not the way it was before. but we have to live with the changes that have taken place. the egyptians are very much
11:36 am
dependent on our assistance and our -- particularly in terms of military assistance. they don't want to see that disappear. they have absolutely no -- as far as kisee -- interest in starting a war with israel, that would be a disaster for them. their economy is in shambles right now. they can't afford t. i think the egyptians are trying to be cooperative and helpful. even though they may not particularly like the israelis. >> jamie: knowing the middle-east as you do, ambassador, holding so many positions in the region, how much of this is a result of iran's hate for israel and the united states, just general hate and the buildup of weaponry that we suspect is going on? >> there is no question that iran is a provider of missiles to the palestinians, sudan is involved in the -- in the linkage, the way of the missiles
11:37 am
are -- or the components are getting to the palestinians. there are a number of people involved, states involved. but the iranians have a long-standing belief that they secure their position by being hostile to israel and by being hostile to the united states. it is a regime that is very sensitive and unsure of itself and they take it out by trying to attack us and attack the israelis. >> jamie: i have to ask thuquestion, though, because a lot of people i know will ask me, president obama, during his first term, chose not to visit israel permanenty, in his capacity as president. he is on an asian tour right now, talking a lot about economics and the economies -- he was in thailand this morning. should he be in the region right now? >> maybe not in the region right now because the negotiations that are going on would just be distracted by the president being on the ground out there. but he certainly needs to make a
11:38 am
trip out to the region. he needs to make a trip to israel and to some of the other countries, like jordan in the region, to reassure the people that we are indeed engaged and will be engaged in the future. >> jamie: all right. ambassador, thank you very much for being with us. i appreciate your insight on it. i am sure, like us, you must be hearing from people in the region who are gravely concerned, right? >> absolutely. on botheds. people are very, very nervous. they don't want to see a war. everybody loses in a war. there has to be a way out of this. >> jamie: i hope so, sir. nice to meet you. thank you, ambassador walker. >> eric: allegations of missing ballot, supposedly found in a box tdoesn't match the number of voters and votes that may have been counted twice. has all of this cost allen west, the at a party favorite in florida, his congressional seat? they are counting the votes
11:39 am
right now, as we speak. this morning, we should know the result at any moment. coming up, we will talk with a lawyer who is watching the count going on, right now. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...but you still have to go to the gym. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling.
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>> jamie: bottom line, it is never easy for thens of soldiers who come home from war. but smart tone phones are a lifeline to they werey and rehab. there is a new app helping them recover from post traumatic stress disorder. we have more. i applaud anything, elizabeth, that can help our troops. >> reporter: i couldn't agree more. prolonged exposure is a therapy that has been used for years to help men and women suffering from ptsd. but this is the first time it's used as a mobile application. brian sullivan is want alone in his battle with post traumatic
11:44 am
stress disorder. the veterans affairs estimates more than half of new veterans are seeking treatment for war-related mental disorders. >> i was always angry. i had outbursts with my wife and i was having difficulty sleeping. >> anxiety. >> reporter: so sullivan turned to something called p.e. coach, a unuke smart phone app designed by the defense department to help soldiers recover from ptsd. >> they are asked to a recording of them reliving the memory of what is haunting them daily, as part of their homework. >> reporter: they listen to their own therapy sessions to help them relive and therefore overcome their fears. therapists use the same program to help keep soldiers on track, monitoring their progress. it's an emerming trend, where technology can help reduce post
11:45 am
combat stress. >> it makes sense to leverage the capabilities of these devices to support their health care needs. >> you are getting to understand what went wrong -- and you don't have anything wrong. you are not the average person. >> reporter: jamie, sullivan said he has tried a number of therapies and this is the first time he has seen progress. he is halfway through the treatment. coortiond to the defense department, more than 5,000 applications have been downloaded and it was only launched this summer. >> jamie: that's great. thanks. have a good day. >> reporter: thank you, you too. >> eric: to the fox news voter fraud unit now and the mess in the allen west congressional race in florida. the allegations that ballots, missing, found in a box, that votes don't match the number of voters, absentee ballots don't match the number of absentee voters and 800 votes went
11:46 am
poof -- just disappeared. has this cost west the re-election? he is the republican tea party favorite. now he barely trails patrick murphy. a partial recount being held in the st. lucie county board of elections. boy law, the race is supposed to be finalized by noon today, that means in the next 14 minutes. the west campaign has said this, quote, all we have been fighting for since the very beginning is to ensure the citizens of this county and their votes accurate and fairly have been counted. while the florida party says, the votes have been counted, recounted and certified twice at the state. and patrick murphy has won beyond the margin of recount. it is time for west to stop wasting the taxpayer time and money and allow murphy to focus on the job he was elected to do. but we have a lawyer, jeffrey scott shapiro, he doesn't speak for the campaign, but he has
11:47 am
been involved in the issue. he is at the office the st. lucie advisory. you are watching the vote count. >>. >> we will know if 15 minutes. >> eric: you will know in 15 minutes, if allen west won or if patrick murphy did defeat him. >> i think we will know whether or not in st. lucie county, there will be an increase in the number of votes that congressman west received. we need 249 votes to close the gap. under florida state law, we valid an automatic recount, if there is a gap of a half a percent, thria state law required redown the. we need to pick up 249 votes to get that. >> eric: let's look at numbers. the it is astounding. they have been could you wanting, as you say, 37,000 early votes. right now, they are basically at 1,907 votes apart.
11:48 am
that's .58%. as you say, .5% for a recount. if he pibs up 249 votes that, gives a recount for the full district? >> it's complicated. i will try to break it down. there were eight days of voting. the supervisessor was going to tally all 8 days, but she decided to only do november 1, 2, and 3 because that's where she thought the ballot his problems. once they re-ran those, congressman west picked up 535 votes. we lost 800 altogether, but the congressman only lost 132 and patrick murphy lost 637. now they are going to rescan all 8 days. so assuming we get the 535, out of 16,000 they already recounted, we just need to pick up an additional 249 out of
11:49 am
20,000 that were not scanned before. so it's complicated and confusing, but at the end of the day, based on my 99s, out of 37,379 ballots they are rescanning, there could be a gap of 784 votes. i think if have you a gap of 784 less, there will be a state-required recount. >> eric: potentially, that could go west's way. the supervisor of elections said there could have been double votes. what about the votes found in a becomes? 304 they said, just missing and 800 that disappeared? >> the 800 came from the retab iewdle from the days of early voting, we think that's because someone had run a memory card twice and some votes may have been counted twice. i think that was corrected. that's why we supposedly lost votes am we may not have lost 800, but we didn't have the over tabulation. that being said, in terms of the
11:50 am
box, we found a box of over 300 votes that had not been counted in the early voting process in the retab tabulation and they will be put here. >> eric: it's amazing when they find a mysterious box with ballots. we have heard that before. a box in the trunk this. apparently, a box in the office. jeffrey scott shapiro at the st. lucie board of elections, thank you. we will be on this to see the final results in 10 minutes. of course, if you suspect problems where you live, hoar's the address, voter fraud, fox news. >> jamie right now, fox news alert. the air raid sierence are continuing to be heard in tel aviv. we are keeping an eye on it and will bring you the latest on the ground, right in the heart of israel, straight ahead. he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t,
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>> jamie: it has been weeks after super storm sandy and parts of lower manhattan remain a mess, many people unable to return home. numerous businesses struggling to cope with the effects of the storm and so much more. we go live to lower manhattan. how bad is it today? >> reporter: well, most of the focus following super storm
11:55 am
sandy has been in the hard-hit coastal communities, but portions of the island of manhattan are reeling. crews are still pumping out, trying to get the water turned back on, the power, the heat, the electrical systems reworked. this is a historical area, many buildings built in the 1700s and 1800s. you can notice the plywood and there is restricted use signs on the winds on. residents in battery park city, some are allowed to break their leases and the landlords are offering rebates, but that's a case-by-case business. as for businesses, 35% of them only have business interruption insurance. here's what a community leader has to say. >> obviously, it's been very difficult, after sandy because here in lower manhattan, we have faced this kind of devastation before, what we faced after 9/11, when we had to rebuild our neighborhood.
11:56 am
so for so many residents, we have been down this road before. we are community survivors. we are going to rebuild special we will do it as a team. >> reporter: but really, the problem is that a lot of these businesses and the high-rises for the residences don't have slated time for reopening, so it could be months before the economy's up and running the way it was. >> jamie: we hope soots soon. thanks. >> eric: we are looking live at tel aviv, more air raid sirens being heard. like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade.
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